Blisters are a common problem that we all run into occasionally. Although a blister may not be a major injury, it can just be a nuisance, or it can stop you in your tracks. The following information may be helpful the next time you encounter this problem. 

Blisters are usually caused by friction or rubbing. The friction causes an irritation resulting in fluid building up in the superficial layers of the skin. The fluid may be clear or blood tinged. The friction comes from the shoe or sock rubbing the skin. A painful blister is the result.

Proper fitting shoes and socks are essential. 

Breaking in new shoes gradually is recommended. Don’t go on a long walk or run in a brand new pair of shoes.
You may notice an area of irritation which is called a “hot spot” which is a pre-blister. If you do, you need to address it by padding the area with a band aid, applying some Vaseline, and not wearing those shoes for a while.

There are certain products especially made for blisters. Spenco makes Second Skin and Adhesive Kit.

A word on socks: Blisters are more apt to form when the skin is wet. Certain socks are superior to preventing blisters because they prevent moisture from building up and they wick the moisture away. 

ThorLo, Balega, and Wrightsocks are examples of blister preventing socks.

Treatment of blisters consists of cleansing the area as well as lancing the blister with a clean instrument allowing the fluid to drain. A clean dressing is applied. This is not a painful process as it is superficial.

Prevention of blisters the best treatment!

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