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Choosing the Right Shoes for Healthy Feet


Wearing the wrong shoes can cause any number of different foot and health problems, including blisters, bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, arthritis in the knees, back problems and migraines. Many people suffer from foot problems because they wear shoes that don't fit right or don't support the foot properly.

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Tips For Diabetic Foot Care


If you have diabetes, take a look at the tips you can do at home to keep your feet healthy, in addition to regularly visiting your podiatrist as well.

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How Your Podiatrist Can Help With Heel Pain


If you have pain in your heels with radiating pain through your arches and lower leg, it can be easy to dismiss as soreness from being on your feet all day. However, you could have a torn ligament in your foot. A podiatrist can help diagnose the cause of your pain so you can find relief.

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